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The Tooth Fairy Forgot to Come...

And Other Not-So-Super, Super Mom Moments

Nobody’s perfect.  I’m only human. I’ll do better tomorrow…just some of the dialogue that goes on in my head on a daily basis.  

Just in case anyone feels that they are alone in their “mommy moments," I thought I’d share some of my personal awesomeness…

1) Don’t you just hate it when you’re running late to soccer practice and accidentally slam into the side of the garage as you are backing out?  And don’t you hate it even more when it’s the second time you’ve done it?? Who knew that a replacement side mirror costs $1000!

2) I’m not a great cook, but something possessed me to make enchiladas from scratch (well almost scratch) on Sunday evening.  My husband and kids were in shock seeing me in the kitchen chopping, stirring and grating. I proudly pulled the finished product out of the oven and served them to my anxiously awaiting family.  My kids took one bite and went running to the sink to spit it out.  “It’s…too…SPICY!!!!” the kids screamed in a panic. So much for my ambitious culinary feats.

3) Fitting exercise into my day is not an easy task but I try to fit it in as often as possible. I was really excited the other day when I thought that my butt was shrinking! I realized later that my rear end was actually just starting to slide down the back of my legs. Bummer.

4) I used to think that I was a moderately smart woman.  Earlier this week my 5th grade daughter needed help with her math homework.  I had no clue how to do it.  Even sadder…I sometimes can’t help my 3rd grader either. Sigh.

5) My daughter lost a tooth a few weeks back. I’m going to blame it on my NyQuil induced state of mind that evening, but somehow the Tooth Fairy forgot to come.  Is it true that she gets a 48 hour grace period?

6) I showed up thirty minutes late to my son’s classroom party. No big deal, right? Wrong…I am the class party mom and accidentally put the incorrect time in my calendar so they had to start without me. Ugh!

7) I usually enjoy getting my hair done. It’s “my time” to relax a little and feel pretty when I’m finished. Should I have been offended when my hairstylist offered up the name of her “friend” who specializes in Botox and fillers? Hmmm…not feeling quite so pretty anymore.

8) My neighbor and I have a nice school carpool arranged and she asked if I could pick up the kids after school on Thursday since she had an appointment. “No problem!” I said confidently. Sitting in my home office later, I was starting wondering why the kids weren’t home yet. “Oh #$%!” I exclaimed, as I shot out the door. My kids were the very last ones waiting at the curb right next to the principal.  I think she was about 2 minutes away from calling child protective services. Shoot.

9) The picture for this blog is what my daughter looked like when she came home from school one day this week. Notice anything wrong? I didn’t either as she left for school in the morning. Parenting at its best!!


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