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What Takes You Back? And Makes You Smile…

Typically, there are not a lot of positive things to say about Tuesdays.  On this particular Tuesday, however, the stars were aligned…. We were in our swanky Los Angeles hotel room getting ready for our big KTLA TV appearance. As we watched the news team to see what famous celebrities might be there at the same time, we primped, curled and then re-curled our hair.  Much to our dismay, the only “celebrity” they mentioned was an appearance from the Grumpy Cat. Are you kidding me??? Oh well…I decided to just be thankful for the opportunity to showcase our website.

When we arrived at the station, we were greeted by their kind producer and camera crew and proceeded to set up our props and then wait in the make-up room. As we relaxed, I suddenly saw some commotion at the main door as a handful of people entered the studio. I think in Los Angeles, they actually call this an entourage.  As they filed in one by one, I casually looked up to see if there was anyone I recognized (a.k.a. a famous person) and then suddenly…..there he was!!!

Rob Lowe.

Yes, Rob Lowe. And, YES, he is just as gorgeous in person as he looks on TV and in the movies.  I’m usually not overly “star struck”, but for those of you in your 30s and 40s, I know you will understand…. I had his posters on my walls growing up.  No doubt I kissed the TV from time to time when he was on.  And he was definitely on my “list”. Besides the obvious reasons (did I mention that he is gorgeous!), something about seeing him just made me smile.

He reminded me of growing up, having innocent crushes and gossiping with my girlfriends late into the night at slumber parties.  It got me thinking about other things that take me back to “the good ol' days” of my youth. I, for one, am glad to see that Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake have seen a revival and don’t look a day older than they did in the 80’s. The Smurfs clearly are on top of the world again with yet another movie under their belts and I was shocked to see that Pop Rocks candy was still around when I visited the drug store a few weeks back.

My kids came home from Outpost Summer Camp last week singing a song I remembered from my camp days, “I said a boom, chick-a-boom, I said a boom chick-a-boom!” But they added another, more contemporary verse they called Janitor Style, “I said a broom-sweep-a-broom!” Clever…

Although my husband is definitely sick of hearing about Rob Lowe, I think that the sighting (can I call it a meeting since he did say “hell0” to me?) brought back fond memories of a pivotal, more innocent time in my life. It makes me want to call up my high school girlfriends, curl up on the couch and watch Grease…for the 47th time.

What takes you back and makes you smile?

*And yes, that really is him in the picture…the man in black ;)

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