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Creative Holiday Classroom Celebrations

Winter break is almost here and it’s fun to throw a holly jolly classroom party before the kids head on their merry way.  With the hustle and bustle of the season, keep your celebrations simple to add less stress, but still create a festive theme the kids will enjoy. 

Let it Snow

This may be the only way that some kids will get to see "snow" this winter, so have a ball with snow-themed snacks and games including the snow blower relay (blowing a ping pong ball with a straw), snowman wrap (wrap each other using toilet paper!), snow plow pick-up game (think wheel barrow race), and snowman and snow themed sweets.


Pajamas, Cookies, & Cocoa Party

Keep things low key by having the kids wear their PJs to school and then curling up with cookies, hot cocoa, and an age appropriate holiday movie.  For younger kids, the teachers or parents can read books for holiday story time as well. Check out our adorable Hot Cocoa Candy Canes to jazz up your warm drinks!


Secret Elf Admirer

Have each child pick the name of a classmate out of a bag and they will become the person they will shower with small gifts throughout the week.  Each day can have a specific theme such as: writing a letter or poem, drawing a picture, and bringing small gifts (under $5). You can have a festive reveal party on the last day of school.


Cultural Feast 

We have such amazing diversity in our schools that it is fun to celebrate our heritage and share it with classmates.  Have each family contribute a dish that represents their culture and create a “pot luck” style celebration.


Celebrations Stations

If getting crafty is your thing, set up 3-5 tables in the classroom, each with a different craft or activity. Ideas include cookie decorating, holiday crafts, word searches, and more. Rotate the kids from table to table every 10 minutes so they experience each one.  Remember to keep the activities simple! Head to our Holiday Fun section for simple recipe and craft ideas.

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