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Heart Healthy Habits for Kids

February is American Heart Month. Most messages we see this month involve risk factors and healthy options for adults. But what about the kids? Childhood is the ideal time to develop healthy habits that will set them up for success during their entire lives. We’ve compiled some simple snack options and tips to help your kids get a healthy head start.

Mission Nutrition
Growing kids should eat 3 balanced meals per day and 2 healthy snacks.
Energy Packed snacks:

  • Pretzels with peanut butter, granola & craisins

  • Lowfat cottage cheese with salsa and veggies & baked pita chips

  • Greek yogurt smoothie

  • Grab ‘n go snacks – lowfat string cheese, fruit, nonfat yogurt, nuts

Get Moving
Kids are not as active these days with less P.E. time in school and too many video games.  Make sure your children are getting at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. This can involve outdoor play, extracurricular sports and family activities.

Sleep Tight
Well-rested kids make better choices during the day. Toddlers typically need at least 12 hours of sleep, elementary kids need 10 hours and teens & adults should shoot for 8 hours whenever possible.

Set a Good Example
As parents, we set the tone for making good choices in our homes. Keep the junk food out of the house to resist temptation. Exercise each day and encourage the kids to join you. Create healthy heart habits for the whole family!

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