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Simply Super Mom Blog

Tips, tricks and simple solutions so overscheduled moms everywhere can look like stars without breaking a sweat!


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I Lost My Sparkle But I'm Ready to Shine Again
Not that long ago I thought I was special. Talented, creative and ready to take on the world. Not much could stand in my way. No door I couldn’t blow down, no objection I couldn’t turn around. I was on fire…unstoppable. I...

My Party is Better than Your Party
When did everything go so wrong? Get so out-of-control? I fondly remember my birthday parties growing up. I was a summer baby so every summer (yes…every summer) my parents had my birthday party at the neighborhood swimming pool. We swam...

Supermom is NOT a Swear Word
It seems to be a trend these days to bad mouth “supermoms”. I get it. For many women, being a supermom brings up images of  an unachievable ideal. Trying to live up to perfection – looking perfect, acting perfect, perfect ...

Christmas Traditions To Create with Your Family…for Free!
Holiday traditions can foster a great sense of security in kids & teens and help them feel cared for and loved. Contrary to popular belief, making memories doesn’t need to involve an extravagant vacation or expensive gifts. Sometimes t...

Don't Be THAT Mom at School This Year
As a new school year begins, it’s hard not to be a bit anxious as a parent. Will we like our child’s teacher? Will our kids grasp the concepts taught in the curriculum? But most of all, what will the other classroom moms be like? A...

Bullying, Biting, & Bad Behavior on the Soccer Field
I get it. We all want to win. Whether it’s closing a big deal at the office or beating the kids at Monopoly (sad but true), there’s such a rush from victory, we all seem to be addicted. That being said, I am truly horrified at the ta...

Forty Isn’t Always Fabulous: Truth From a Mid-Forties Mom
There’s a brief moment each morning between the alarm going off at 5:30 AM and complete consciousness. I can’t quite remember what day it is or what’s on my agenda. Once I come to, I feel…tired, anxious, or, on a good da...

To My Perfectly Not "Popular" Middle School Daughter
Middle school sucks. You couldn’t pay me enough money to go back. As the first born in my family, I didn’t have an older sibling to teach me how to be “cool.” As a result, I was definitely…not. I like to tell peopl...

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