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Birthday Parties & Kids Activities

Explore birthday party themes, ideas & recipes, everyday crafts and family fun.


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Milkshake Shooters
Get your blenders ready to fill these chocolate coated cones made into milkshake shooters. You can also make a healthier version by filling with Greek yogurt instead. What You'll Need: 8 Cake cones 1/2 Cup milk chocolate chips Col...

Ice Cream Cupcake Cones
Combine creamy ice cream with a cupcake in a cone and you’ve got a slice of heaven in your hand! What You'll Need: 12 Cake cones 1 box cake mix and ingredients required to prepare (i.e. eggs, oil, water) Cupcake baking pans ...

Making Family Fitness Fun!
Make working out a family affair by incorporating your kids! Parents lead by example and kids will model their behavior.  Getting active and having fun with your children is a great alternative to traditional workouts.  See Ideas for...

Heart Healthy Habits for Kids
February is American Heart Month. Most messages we see this month involve risk factors and healthy options for adults. But what about the kids? Childhood is the ideal time to develop healthy habits that will set them up for success during their ...

Sports Birthday Party Theme
If your child is a sports fanatic, our simply super treats and ideas will make for a perfect birthday party theme! Basketball Bites You'll get a slam dunk with the kids when they see these adorable bas...

Grab 'n' Go Energy-Packed Snacks
Growing kids are always hungry! With an abundance of not-so-healthy “convenience foods” available, it’s not always easy helping our kids make smart snacking choices. has some simple, power-packed snacks that wi...

Plan a Family Fun Night
Our calendars are so overscheduled with work, school and after school activities that we often forget to plan some downtime to spend together as a family.  We've got some simple and inexpensive ideas for a family fun night that's sure to pl...

Football Birthday Party Theme
Simply, Super Tips for Decorating Your Football Table: - Use a piece of artificial turf instead of a traditional tablecloth to create a festive look - Add details to your “field” by adding white streamers to create the yard lines...

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Birthday Parties & Kids Activities