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Simply Super Mom Blog

Tips, tricks and simple solutions so overscheduled moms everywhere can look like stars without breaking a sweat!


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From Margaritas to Mac 'n Cheese Mom - Great Gift Idea!
Founder of, Deborah Stumm, has published her book, From Margaritas to Mac 'n Cheese Mom -- a great gift for all the moms in your life! Purchase Book Now Book Synposis: The journey from singlehood to super mom is one that roc...

The Holly and Sometimes Not-So-Jolly Holidays
I love the holidays. No really…I do. I just sometimes forget how much I love them when I’m in the middle of all the…well…cheer.  To me, the holidays officially start when you take a journey to the Christmas tree...

The Kids Have it Right - 11/27/12
‘Tis the time of year for moms to be stressed-out, over-scheduled and yes, a little bit cranky! As I find myself dashing through my days with never enough time to check everything off my “to-do” list, my kids are the ones that ...

My Husband Baked a What? - 10/22/2012
A pie. That’s right…my husband baked an apple pie from scratch. For those of you who don’t know my husband, he is definitely the zig to my zag, the yin to my yang, the type “B” personality to my type “A...

Honestly…Do Kids Need To Be So Honest?
I don’t think that I’m alone in having kids that tell me exactly what they are thinking. No sugar-coating. No sparing anyone’s feelings…just the brutal, honest truth.  Not too long ago when I was in the middle of ...

Do They Still Need Me? - 9/24/2012
My nine-year-old daughter, Morgan, has been independent and assertive even before she made her grand entrance into the world. No really….during my later months of pregnancy, she kicked me so hard I was convinced that I had internal bruisi...

Learning to Dance in the Rain - 09/04/2012
For those of you fellow Southern Californian’s, you’re probably thinking that this is an odd blog title when it’s been over 90° with humidity for the past month. For the rest of the country who think that we are wimps compl...

I Need a Vacation From My Vacation! 8/20/2012
With back-to-school right around the corner, we decided to take the kids on a last hoorah mini-cation to a local theme park this past weekend. “This is going to be AWESOME!!” my kids exclaimed as we headed out for our road trip a ful...

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