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The Holly and Sometimes Not-So-Jolly Holidays

I love the holidays. No really…I do. I just sometimes forget how much I love them when I’m in the middle of all the…well…cheer. 

To me, the holidays officially start when you take a journey to the Christmas tree lot to pick out the perfect tree. So off we went again this year on December 1. As usual, my husband picked up the very first tree and said, “This one looks great.”

“Uh…yeah…if you like trees with a huge hole in the center,” I said exasperated.

Keep in mind, we do this same dance every single year.

So five…okay 10 trees later, the nice guy at Home Depot opened up a freshly unloaded tree that he said looked fantastic. Sure enough, a beautiful tree unfolded from the netting. “This is the ONE!” I exclaimed with delight.

After the normal moaning, groaning and dragging of the tree from the lot, to the car, to the house, my husband had the tree in the stand and we were ready to set it upright.  1...2…3…here we go!


Now I’m really not kidding when I say that our tree was tilted at least at a 30-degree angle. What to do…WHAT TO DO?! My daughter sweetly said, “Mom, even imperfect trees need a home."

To which I responded, “Sure they do…just not our home!” 

A bit insensitive, I know, but I have always had a certain sense of pride in creating a beautiful tree complete with homemade bows, color coordinated ornaments and a lot of family history. A crooked tree would just not do!

My resourceful husband suggested putting a magazine underneath the tree stand to straighten it out a bit. After stacking 5 magazines, we decided a thick hard bound book would be a better choice (yes…the picture next to this post is really my tree).

After posting the picture on Facebook, I had a slew of responses from my family and friends saying that a tree like this couldn’t possibly be in my home. But alas…it’s true…and we’ll be living with our Charlie Brown Christmas tree all season long. The fact of the matter is that this super mom is not always quite so… super. 

The good news is that we still had the outside of the house to decorate.

“Honey…can you put up the Christmas lights? I want them to be the best we’ve ever had…and this year I want icicles!!!!!”

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