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Learning to Dance in the Rain - 09/04/2012

For those of you fellow Southern Californian’s, you’re probably thinking that this is an odd blog title when it’s been over 90° with humidity for the past month. For the rest of the country who think that we are wimps complaining about weather like this…you are absolutely right!

My title this week actually has nothing to do with actual weather, but other life challenges. This past week was definitely not the best I’ve ever had. It started when we came home from our 10-year wedding anniversary trip to a house filled with water damage. Apparently our upstairs bathroom started leaking water through the first floor ceiling into the walls, carpets, hardwood floors and more. For the past week our house has sounded like we are living inside of a jet plane with 12 industrial fans blowing all day and night, workers demolishing walls and sawing out the floors. Not fun. We’ve been told that we’ll need to move out for a few weeks to get our floors replaced and have the downstairs bedroom, bathroom and hallway rebuilt. Perfect timing with the kids just starting school…ugh! At the same time, a family member just found out that they have cancer and we are all preparing for possible treatment options. When it rains, it pours… 

It’s always interesting to me that as things start to go badly in our lives, it is so easy to continue to slide down the slippery slope. Even the little things that are normally a piece of cake to deal with somehow become difficult to conquer. I was at the point of “losing it” toward the end of last week and just happened to catch one of my favorite business clients on the phone. We ended up sharing the challenges we were each going through and she said something to me that ended up making my day.  She said, “Deborah, I’m going to share one of my favorite quotes with you. It’s not how you weather the storm, it’s how you learn to dance in the rain.

From that moment, I decided to change my perspective. Sure…things aren’t the best right now, but a little attitude adjustment can go a long way. I’m surrounded by a loving family that pulls together in the toughest of times and we will make it through our health challenges. And looking for even more light at the end of the tunnel, it looks like I may just end up getting that new carpet I’ve wanted for a long time after all!

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