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I Need a Vacation From My Vacation! 8/20/2012

With back-to-school right around the corner, we decided to take the kids on a last hoorah mini-cation to a local theme park this past weekend. “This is going to be AWESOME!!” my kids exclaimed as we headed out for our road trip a full hour behind schedule. And so it begins...

We arrived at our destination full of energy and ready to take on the roller coasters until we stepped out of the car into the sweltering heat. Whoa. Well, at least the unbearable weather would probably keep the crowds away. Wrong. After waiting an hour and twenty minutes for our first ride, the kids were hungry and cranky and my husband was even crankier. Time to change strategy.  

Maybe if we went to some of the less popular rides, the lines would be much shorter and we could still salvage our day. After walking right onto the swing ride (sweet!) we all staggered off feeling like we were going to vomit. Now I know why it wasn’t that popular…ugh! At the end of our day, we waited in line (over an hour again) for our final roller coaster. To kill the time, we people-watched and took in all of the really bad tattoos - my husband and I estimated that 67% of the adult attendees had tattoos or piercings. One kind woman even took it upon herself to describe all of her tattoos to my nine year old daughter – about 25 tattoos in all. Impressive!

After a long day, nothing sounded better than collapsing in our nice, cool hotel room. We arrived, put on our PJs and climbed into bed. But wait...why is the air-conditioning unit so loud? The fan clicks on, the fan clicks off…and then on again…followed by the roar of the motor. This is not good. The only solution was to turn it off and try to sleep in the now hot and stuffy room. But at least it was quiet. Wait a minute! What is that whirring noise? The mini-fridge, of course.
Now that we’re back at home, I remember a saying that one of my good friends told me before I had kids. She said, “Once you have children, you no longer go on a vacation, you go on a trip.” So true my friend, so true.

Photo credit:  Knott’s Berry Farm


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