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Beat the Boredom on Family Road Trips

You're headed on a family road trip this summer and you can already hear your kids' voices in your head. "Mom, I'm bored!" "Are we there yet?"

Before you start logging the miles, do a little advance planning and prep work with the kids, and it's sure to be smooth sailing (or... driving!)

Here are 9 ideas:

  • Have the kids help with research before the trip: With your help, have the kids look up things to do in your destination city as well as points of interest along the way. Let them make recommendations for landmarks and destinations they'd like to visit and find them on a map.
  • Create a vacation scavenger hunt: Using the information the kids found, Mom or Dad can create a list of places to visit and even simple items to find during your road trip (i.e. attraction brochures or specific road signs). The kids can check them off as they find each one during the trip.
  • Make a “busy bag” for the trip– Whether you are traveling by car, train or plane, the kids will need things to keep them busy on the journey (besides electronics!). Create a travel bag that contains entertaining items such as books & magazines, mad libs, drawing pads and small toys.
  • Special treats – Allow each child to pick one special snack at the grocery store to add to the travel cooler.  It may be a vacation indulgence they are not usually allowed on a normal day and they only get to eat it if they are well behaved (yes…its bribery!) Stock up on healthier options like fruits and veggies, string cheese, lots of water and granola bars to keep everyone feeling fueled.

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