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Beginner's Side Plank

Starting Position
Lie on your left side, propping up your body on your left elbow. Place your elbow directly beneath your shoulder. Bend both of your knees at 90-degree angles, stacking your thighs on top of one another. Place your right hand on the floor in front of your body for support. Ensure that your body from your head down to your toes is in a straight line with a neutral spine. Engage your abdominals by pulling your belly button in towards your spine.

Lift your hips up so that your torso comes off the ground and your body is in a straight line from your head down to your knees. Try to hold this position for 15-30 seconds and gradually build up to 3 minutes or more. Aim for 1-3 sets.

Special Instructions
Don't allow hips to drop to the ground. Keep breathing steadily, pulling the abs in to support you. The Modified Side Plank is a more advanced version of this exercise.

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