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Cost-Effective Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer is officially here and with it comes the hot weather. Using these simple and cost-effective ways, you can beat the heat this summer.

Keep Your Body Cool:

1. Eat lighter foods -- fattier foods are hard to digest. Include a lot of fruit and vegetables that contain water to help keep you hydrated.

2. Stay hydrated to keep your body temperature down by drinking lots of water or other non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages. Use reusable ice cubes to cool your drink.

3. Cool off by applying an ice pack to the insides of your elbows or knees which are some of your pulse points. Blood vessels are closest to the surface in these areas maximizing the cooling effect.

4. The bottom of your feet can also be cooled easily by applying ice packs or simply removing your shoes. The sweat will evaporate creating a cooling effect.

5. Wear thin, loose, light-colored clothing so sweat can evaporate directly from your skin.

Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your House Cool

1. Open windows and doors in the mornings and evenings to let in cool air and close them and shut the blinds and curtains during the main hours of the day to prevent heat from getting in.

2. In the evening, open the window and blow the fan outwards instead of inwards.  It will suck the warm air out and bring the cool air in.

3. Turn off the lights or use fluorescent bulbs that can emit 70% less heat.

4. Instead of using the stove, grill out or make a cook-free meal like a fresh salad.

5. Use the dishwasher in the evening and skip the drying cycle altogether. Open the dishwasher to let out the steam and let the dishes air dry.

Incorporating these simple solutions will help keep you and your house cooler this summer!

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