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Dine In 2Nite is Helping Moms Be Super Moms

As a mother of three, Abby appreciates having her time freed up to focus on more important things.  "It goes by so quickly," she reflects.  "There are so many special moments."  She would rather spend time volunteering at her kids' school than planning, shopping and cooking dinner.

One of Dine In 2Nite's early adopters, Abby's "super-duper busy" family loves that it takes the pressure off what they call "the witching hour."  Her husband used to ask her 'What's for dinner?' - a question no one wants to answer at 8:00 am.  Dine In 2Nite answers that question by delivering a different freshly prepared meal every night.  The menu is available online, but Abby prefers to be surprised.  Now, instead of the "mad-dash scramble" at dinnertime, "it's like opening a gift every day." 

"It's nutritious, balanced..." Abby raves about Dine In 2Nite, adding that the menu gives her the chance to try new things.  In addition to favorites like steak and potatoes and spaghetti with meatballs, Dine In 2Nite's 100+ recipes include more exotic fare, such as Cajun Seasoned Shrimp: colossal prawns pan fried with Cajun seasonings, served with spicy red beans and tomatoes alongside dirty rice and sauteed kale.  "I never tried kale, if you can believe it, and it was really good!"

"I like the price," (dinners cost $10 per person inlcuding delivery and tip) and they're "on time - I can count on them."

Dine In 2Nite's ingredients are also purchased locally.  "It's a great asset to the community."

Visit or call 1-888-64-MEALS for service.

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