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Moms Stuck In A Rut How to Regain Your Identity

Even with all of the joys of motherhood, moms can often find themselves stuck in a rut. Long gone are the days of having free time and answering only to yourself. At we understand and have put together some tips on how to get out of the mommy rut and regain your identity!

1. Acknowledge that you have these feelings and give yourself permission to find ways to find fulfillment for yourself. Lose the guilt!
2. Have at least one activity or hobby that is just for you and does not involve the rest of your family – make time for it!

3. Experiment with daily tasks – i.e. try new recipes;  mix up your workout routine

4. When you volunteer at your kids’ school or for their teams – choose a role that lends itself to your personality (organizing, like to be creative, etc.)

5. Make time for adult interaction – i.e. date night with you and your significant other, time with girlfriends, etc.

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