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Tips to De-Stress Your Morning Routine

Moms know how crazy mornings can be! Getting yourself ready and the kids off to school can be hectic and stressful. Deborah Stumm shares some tips for busy moms to help simplify and de-stress their morning routines. 

For Mom

  • Set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier than you really need to get up – avoid the rush!
  • Get your workout in before everyone else wakes up – it will help you start the day feeling great. You don’t even need a gym – go for a run, a walk or do boot camp in your own backyard.
  • Schedule your hair washings for the days you do your tougher workouts; on the other days you can just rinse off.
  • Makeup – find a simple everyday color palate that you can wear most days that is quick and easy to apply.
  • Layout your outfit the night before if you have a busy morning ahead. If that’s not your style organize your closet by color and clothes type (jeans, skirts, dress pants) so you can easily find what you need.

For the Kids

  • On Sunday night, plan the kids’ outfits for the week so there is less stress in the morning.
  • Prep lunches the night before if you can. Get the kids involved by having a container in the fridge with items they can choose to put in their lunch (i.e. string cheese, carrots, fruit cups, yogurts, etc.)
  • Create a routine chart that has all of their “to do’s” for the morning such as teeth brushing, making their bed, getting dressed & eating breakfast.
  • If they are old enough, teach the kids to be self sufficient with their breakfasts. Put frozen waffles, cereal, fruit, yogurt & milk in spots they can reach so they can do the prep themselves.

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