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I Want My Mummy Pumpkin

Simplicity is key with this adorable creation. Transform your pumpkin into a mummy with personality, no carving required. 


  • Medium sized pumpkin
  • Medical gauze or cheese cloth strips
  • 2-Googly eyes
  • Glue (craft or hot glue)
  • Push pins



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Wrap the pumpkin completely with the gauze. Use a couple of push pins to secure the beginning and ends of the gauze, tying some extra loose gauze around the pins to conceal them. Imperfection is key, so feel free to fold and scrunch pieces and overlap some.

Decide which side of the pumpkin you want to the be the face of the mummy. Make a small gap in the gauze and glue the two googly eyes so it looks like the eyes are peering through. 

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