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Tough Love to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals - San Diego 6 CW

Weight loss and getting in shape is on the minds of many women. There is no quick fix for weight loss so Janet “B-Train” Bertrand, a personal trainer with Fitness Quest 10, joined Deborah Stallings Stumm of to  share some Tough Love Tips to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals on San Diego 6 the CW.


1) Get your MIND right – #1 element to losing weight is DESIRE! You have to WANT to make changes more than stay where you are now. Letting go of old ways and taking a risk can be uncomfortable. Change happens outside your comfort zone!

2) Nutrition & diet are essential to success – You cannot out train a bad diet. Abs are made in the kitchen and defined in the workout. 80/20 is the golden rule. Eating “clean” is about eliminating processed foods, junk and fast foods. Your diet should mainly consist of organic fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and low starchy carbs such as sweet potatoes and squashes. Lower your sugar intake as much as possible and eating nutrient dense superfoods (avocados, lemons).

3) Accountability – Commit to a program and be sure to check in with someone. For example, Janet has e a program coming up called Little Black Dress Boot Camp and at the beginning you pick out a dress that is one size smaller. In four weeks you will fit into that dress! Accountability is one of the best ways to ensure success!

4) Find your tribe – People are more successful at losing weight when they do it together. Having a support network and a community makes a big difference in WANTING to workout!

5) No excuses! - Eating clean and working out should be a lifelong habit just like brushing your teeth and taking a shower. You need to do it every day.

To reach Janet "B-Train" Bertrand, contact her at

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