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Ways to Stay Cool Without a Beach or a Pool - CW6

It’s hot outside and moms are looking for activities to keep their kids cool and busy! It can be as easy as just adding water and a little creativity in your own backyard to have fun in the sun. Founder, Deborah Stallings Stumm and her kids shared easy ideas with CW6 San Diego. 


1)    Splash Tac Toe – The “coolest” version of tic, tac, toe your kids have ever played. Fill 9 plastic cups with water and toss X and O ping pong balls to see who wins!

2)    Tube Toss– All you need is a simple donut shaped pool float and homemade super sponge soakers or water soaker toys.  Take turns tossing them to see who can get the most into the center of float.

3)    Sponge Bath– This traditional relay is always a hit with the kids and is sure to get them wet!!  Each team has two buckets:  one filled with water and one empty.  The team that transfers all of the water from one bucket to the other first using only a sponge wins.

4)    Cool Cube Slide– Recycle a plastic tablecloth and have ice cube races using only a straw to propel them forward. First one across the finish line wins!

5)    Cool-minton –Use inexpensive badminton racquets and water soaker balls to get really wet with this fun game of skill.

6)    Squirt Tag– A wetter version of the traditional game of tag.  Each participant has a spray bottle as they chase each other around the yard.  The last kid to get wet wins!

7)    Pool Noodle Limbo– Use your noodle, add a little water and see how low you can go without touching the ground!

8)    Beach Ball Volley Ball– Use your pool noodle as your “net” and hit the beach ball back and forth.  See if you can set a new record.


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