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Confessions of an Imperfect Mom

An excerpt from Deborah’s new book:

The Super Mom’s Guide to Simply Super Sweets & Treats for Every Season

A Cookbook for Perfectly Imperfect Moms

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I’ll admit it—I am intimidated by the moms who can do it all. You know the ones—the ones who have an immaculate home; the ones who look like a “ten” when they drop their kids off at school; the ones that make amazing customized cupcakes (from scratch of course!) for their kids’ birthday parties. Maybe I am just missing the “cooking gene,” but I have never been very comfortable in the kitchen. In fact, if there was an award in high school for the “Least Likely to Write a Cookbook,” I would have been a shoo-in for the honor. Even back then, I burned the brownies I baked for my boyfriend and had trouble making a grilled cheese. Flash forward a few years (or twenty . . .) and even after watching all the chef shows and buying the fancy cookbooks, I still don’t know how to candy a kumquat or create a masterpiece with fondant.

When my kids started school, I quickly realized that expectations were high and time was short when it came to kids’ parties and family celebrations. I would dash to the store to buy cupcakes for the classroom party, display them on my own plate, and cross my fingers that nobody noticed. After comparing myself one too many times to the moms who spent hours in the kitchen and feeling like I was letting my kids down, I came up with a simple solution: I started to explore making easy but adorable treats that were partially homemade. Most of them didn’t even involve baking and took no time at all. This kernel of an idea led to the development of my website,, The Busy Mom’s Guide to Being Simply . . . Super! I quickly realized that my ideas were resonating with other busy moms and it fueled my desire to share my discoveries.

Simply Super Sweets & Treats for Every Season is a compilation of my recipes, tips, and tricks so overscheduled moms everywhere can look like stars without breaking a sweat!

If you are a mom who is truly amazing, these recipes may be a little too simple for your taste. But for the rest of us who are perfectly imperfect, I hope you will find these little sweets and treats to be fun, festive, and stress-free. Please enjoy Simply Super Sweets & Treats for Every Season!

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