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I’ve Got Spirit….How ‘Bout You?

Can you tell? I was a cheerleader, but try not to hold that against me. It seemed like the ideal activity for my perky personality back in high school. I’m not sure if it’s age, experience or exhaustion, but somehow my school spirit seems to be fading a bit these days.  

Am I alone in dreading the email that comes from my kids’ elementary school announcing that, “Next week is spirit week!!!!?”

I’m really not a bah-humbug kind of a person, it’s just that I’m pretty convinced that someone with a little too much time on their hands invented spirit week to give us moms one more thing to forget, screw up or feel inferior about.  

Monday was Crazy Hair Day – a true spirit week tradition. Unfortunately, I had a business meeting first thing in the morning so we had to get up extra early to start the process. As those of you with girls know, creating 12 ponytails takes quite a bit of time. The blue hairspray was also a must for the added crazy factor and three days later, after multiple showers, the kids are still trying to get remnants of blue out of their hair. Despite our best efforts, the kids still came home from school telling me how great Amy’s hair looked (names changed to protect the perfect children’s identities) since she had 14 ponytails that all defied gravity and stood straight up and how Johnny had a Mohawk in rainbow colors.

Mustache Day seemed an easier feat to master but it did leave me with a few questions. 1) Since when are mustaches cool again? 2) Why are young girls so into mustaches when as women, we spend hours of time, money and wax trying to make sure that we don’t have mustaches? 3) Is there any kind of tape that will truly stick a paper mustache to skin? I am fairly confident that the answer is “no” to the third question as my kids’ mustaches fell off at least 10 times...all before the carpool even arrived at school.

For next year, I think that I am going to propose a few of my own spirit week theme day ideas and see what they think:

•    Kids Pack Their Own Lunch Day
•    Kids Do Their Own Laundry Day
•    Kids Be Kind to Their Parents Day
•    Kids Give Your Parents More Notice That You Need To Dress Up For Spirit Week and Don’t Wait Until the Morning Of Day
•    Mom Gets To Sleep In Day

Ahhh...wishful thinking.

In the meantime, I've got to take a day off of work to get a head start on tomorrow’s theme, Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity Day. Now what would Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift wear?

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