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Mom, Im bored! And so it begins... - June 13, 2012

It's official….summer vacation has started! A time for the kids to sleep in, relax, play, swim and be BORED! My kids are not even 24 hours into their summer break and apparently there is nothing to do.  In all of my wisdom, I thought that I’d let my kids “hang-out” the remainder of this week before the craziness of camps kick in. I’m working from my home office so I can be flexible, allow the kids to have a few play dates and in general let them get some R&R. So far this morning, my plan has royally backfired…I have played referee at least 5 times:

“Mom, Morgan kicked me!”

“Mom, Dylan played with my rocket and now it’s on the roof!”

“Mom, I’m STARVING!”

My daughter has already lost her TV privileges (although I’m not sure that was the smartest punishment I could give when I’m trying to get work done) and I need to keep the kids separated so they don’t start even more brawls. Did I mention that it’s only noon?

Thank goodness for soccer practice later today so they can get their frustrations out on a poor, unsuspecting soccer ball.

I hope their camp counselors are ready for them on Monday. Do you think they’d mind if I dropped them off a little early? Like later today?

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