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Mommy Math

I’ll admit that math has never been my strong suit. My dad, a Ph.D physicist, used to sit me down at the kitchen table in the third grade and see how fast I could do my times tables. No pressure! Maybe my problem is that math just seems so black and white. 1+1=2.

As a mom growing in parenting experience, I’ve realized that “real life” math is nowhere near as cut and dry.  Here are a few of my personal math equations.

  • 3 loads of kids laundry washed, dried and put away = 1 basket already full again
  • 12 brand new pairs of socks for my son = 5 with holes in them by the end of the week
  • 27 goldfish crackers = lunch for 1 busy mom on the go
  • 6 = the number of times I have to tell each kid to turn off their iPad
  • 7 = how many times each week I hear “What are we having for dinner?”
  • 7 = also the number of times I hear “Can we get take-out instead?”
  • Number of extra lights that need to be turned off each evening = 11
  • $200 spent at the grocery store = we have 0 to eat 4 days later
  • 8:30 kids’ bedtime = In bed by 9:15
  • 3 granola bar wrappers + 6 dirty socks + 3 pair of shoes in family room = 1 cranky mom
  • 2 cups of coffee in the morning + 2 cups of coffee in the afternoon = ½ awake
  • Getting up 10 minutes early = Being 5 minutes late
  • Gym + Carpool + Work + More Carpool + Cook Dinner + More Carpool = 1 extra-large glass of wine
  • Number of times I wonder how we moms make it all happen every day = Too many to count!

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