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No Fear This Year

As each year passes, there is more water under the bridge, lessons that have been learned, and reasons for self doubt. It all adds up to…fear. This fear can be paralyzing and prevent us from chasing our dreams and being our true selves. This year, I plan to be fearless

I will stop making apologies for who I am and do better at apologizing when I’m wrong. I will learn to embrace my talents and also accept there are certain “gifts” I have not been given. I plan to take chances. Not chasing frivolous, irresponsible pipe dreams, but taking calculated risks that result in rewards. I will work on forgiving myself for the many mistakes I have made and try harder to forgive others for their shortcomings. I will do better at prioritizing the things that are important to me and my family and try not to “sweat the small stuff.” I will ask questions, introduce myself to new people and push out of my comfort zone. I will not be afraid of the word “no”, as inevitably, if you ask enough times, there is bound to be a “yes” in the future. I plan to welcome change instead of being afraid of it. I will be a better listener, both to others and to my gut. As a mom, I will set boundaries for my children, be the best role model I can be, and ultimately, help them become unique individuals. I will find joy in life’s little moments. I want to surround myself with friends who are diverse, smart and supportive and demonstrate to them that I am a safe place for them to come when they need support. I will accept that it’s okay to set certain friends free if they do not bring positivity to my life. I will do better at living in the moment and enjoying the present instead of constantly worrying about the future.  I will try… I will fall down…and I will get up and try again. I will do my perfectly, imperfect best every day. I will not please everyone…and that’s okay.  

And when fear rears its ugly head (as it will almost every day)…I will wrestle it to the ground!

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