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Simplify Your Halloween Celebrations with 6 Tips & Tricks

Throwing Halloween parties for your kids and the family can be a scary task for busy moms. No need to sweat! Using 6 simple tricks your parties will go from stressful to spooktacular!

Tip #1 – Don’t overcomplicate things.  Working moms are multi-taskers and we can get amazing things done in a compressed amount of time. That being said, there is no reason to add layers of complication to your party planning that are unnecessary. For kids’ classroom parties, children are just happy that you are participating and making an effort. Focus on a few key details and make them shine. The other moms will appreciate that you didn’t go over the top and are conscientious of their time as well.

Tip #2 – Create an age-appropriate theme.  Halloween can be a bit scary for younger kids, so be sure to keep things light and family-friendly. Older kids can appreciate themes that are a bit spookier, but take into account the environment in which you are throwing the party. Schools and extracurricular clubs may be sensitive to gorier decorations such as skeletons, blood, and ghouls, so stay in tune with the needs of your entire guest list.

Tip #3 – Save money by using items you already have at home.  It’s tempting to make a retail run to buy tons of expensive decorations. Stop! Before you do, take a quick inventory of what you already have around the house. Chances are you have a lot of Halloween decorations already that can be used to spruce up your party.

Tip #4 – Shop at dollar stores and bargain spots for items you still need.  When you are dealing with disposable and seasonal items, it just makes sense to get them at the most reasonable price possible. Pick up inexpensive decorations, paper plates, napkins, and more at your local dollar store or the bargain spot at your favorite retailers. By compromising just a little, you’ll be able to stretch your budget a lot further.

Tip #5 – Make semi-homemade treats instead of starting from scratch.  As working moms, our time is valuable. My personal philosophy is to transform everyday ingredients into mini-masterpieces. Start by using store bought items such as cookies or brownies and then add touches that create spooktacular sweets. We have a un-boolievable list of simple Halloween party recipes in our Holiday Fun section.

Tip #6 – Delegate!  As overscheduled moms, it often seems easier to do things ourselves rather than trust that others will get them done. We need to change that mindset and realize that other moms are eager and want to help. Once you have established the date of your party, theme, menu, and activities, create an online sign-up list for the classroom with each of the items you will need, as well as parent volunteers. Using online sign-up software is very effective and convenient and helps avoid the dreaded “reply all” function that fills up everyone’s inboxes. You will be amazed at how quickly all of the items will be taken and you can be assured of a successful party!

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