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The Real Meaning of LOL

Let’s face it…moms are challenged when it comes to texting. I watch the “kids-these-days” communicating with their friends at about one million words per minute. Although, I’m not sure that GR8T, LMK, and OMG are actually real words. My favorite, of course, is LOL. Moms-in-the-know are obviously aware that it stands for Lots Of Love.  JK…(that’s Just Kidding for those of you even more lame at this than I am). LOL stands for Laughing Out Loud. Clearly I have too much time on my hands (between carpool, packing lunches, working, making dinner…), so I couldn’t help but come up with some additional meanings that are a bit more relevant for busy moms:

The chore we hate doing every week – Loads Of Laundry

When I wake up at 5 AM – Lack Of Light

In my chronic exhausted state – Live On Lattes

The rare morning I get to sleep in - Lots Of Laziness

Watching the TODAY Show each morning – Lusting Over Lauer

When my whole body aches I feel like a – Little Old Lady

When I’m having a bad running day – Lousy Old Lungs

“Damn It! My jeans are too, tight!” – Live on Lettuce

When everything is going well – Love Our Life

When things aren’t going so great – Lack of Luck

I daydream about living in the - Lap of Luxury

“Sure, honey…I’m fine.” – Lying Out Loud

Talking with the kids as I tuck them into bed each night – Lessons on Life

And my personal favorite…

What moms need every Friday night – Lots of Liquor

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