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The Urge to Purge

(….all of the $#%! out of my kids’ rooms!)

My mother told me that she would just close the door to my room in my younger days when she didn’t want to look at the mess anymore. In general, I think that’s a good strategy, but a few weeks back while me and the kids were cleaning up getting ready for the cleaning lady to come (always a hard concept to sell), I realized that they were simply moving piles of junk from one spot to another in their rooms. “That’s it!” I said, exasperated. We are getting rid of all of the crap in your rooms this weekend. “I can’t take it anymore!” They looked at me like I was from Mars but reluctantly agreed that we could take inventory of what was really necessary.  

So far we’ve only gotten through part of my daughter’s room but here’s what we’ve tossed (or donated) so far…..

17 naked Polly Pocket dolls & 64 outfits and accessories

1 deluxe dollhouse (hard to part with this one since it has a working elevator…sweet!)

7 granola bar wrappers

24 plastic toys from birthday party goodie bags (why?????)

33 holiday pencils, unsharpened 

45 old and busted crayons

2 empty water bottles

52 Silly Bands (remember when those were the “must have” item)

7 books with multiple pages missing

12 unmatched socks

31 stuffed animals (don’t worry, she still has 25 left)

9 origami creatures

2 Corona party necklaces (don’t judge me….we like Mexican food!)

3 dirty dog tennis ball toys

22 of her brother’s LEGO pieces

4 tired tiaras

2 large boxes of dress up clothes that haven’t fit her for 5 years

101 stray beads

14 tattoos

1 Much Happier Mom!

Now on to her closet…YIKES!

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