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Create a Crafty Kids’ Table for Thanksgiving

Keep the kids busy and out of the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day by letting them decorate their own table. Our kid-friendly crafts are easy to make using everyday items. These ideas will keep them entertained while they create fun and festive décor. 

Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holders with Butcher Paper Tablecloth
During dinner the kiddos can draw, doodle, and document the things for which they are thankful.

Turkey Leg Place Cards
Personalize each child’s spot at the table with these adorable place cards.  Made from brown lunch bags, they are a fun and festive addition to your feast. 

Autumn Leaves Placemats
Send the kids on a scavenger hunt in the yard to collect the most colorful leaves they can find to create their own masterpiece placemats. 

Mini Mosaic Personal Pumpkins
These personal pumpkins will give each child an opportunity to give thanks for all they love in their life. Let them cut out pictures and sayings from magazines that express their personality.

Handprint Turkey Centerpiece
Top off your table with this simple centerpiece and fill with treats or snacks.

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